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Menu Options & Dishes

Pinoy Rice Bowls

Adobo Del Diablo

Chicken thighs marinated in turmeric,  bay leaves and peppercorn in a rich coconut cream sauce served with Atsara slaw and

coconut rice.

*Gluten & Dairy free*

(peanuts & chilli)


Young Jackfruit in a rich mint & coconut cream sauce with ginger flower, kaffirlime & tamarind served 
with coconut rice & Atsara slaw 

*Vegan & Gluten free*

Beef Kare Kare

Slow braised Beef in a peanut & annatto sauce topped with crispy Bagoong (sauteed shrimp paste) served with coconut rice & Atsara slaw.

*Gluten & Dairy free*

(peanuts & fish sauce)

Light Bites

Prawn Siomai

Prawns, bamboo shoots & mixed vegetables freshly steamed in a light pastry served with Ginger soy dressing & chilli garlic oil
*Dairy free*

(peanuts, chilli & seafood)


Filipino style spring roll, filled with Longganisa (Traditional filipino pork sausage) served with our Atsara slaw & sweet chilli and lemongrass jam

(Vegan option available if requested)  ~ Cabbage, Mung-beans & Carrot ~ 

pata tim

Pata Tim

pulled pork hock in a Steamed Bao bun served with pickled cucumber,

fresh coriander and chilli 



leche flan

Buko Leche Flan

Coconut Crème Caramel topped with toasted coconut chips and dehydrated Jackfruit crumbs 

~ A beloved filipino classic

sweet dish ~ 



Soy panna cotta with a dark palm sugar and pandan syrup topped with mini sago 

*Metro Magazine rated Top Street Food Dessert*


Ube Pandesal

Our ever popular ube ice cream on a ube pandesal bun topped with toasted coconut.

~ Sweet Purple Yam

Ice Cream Sandwich ~

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